Finish Update

July 18, 2010

Hello from the crew of Horizon!

We WON!  It matter of fact we pulverized the entire fleet!  We won 1st in class, 1st in fleet, 1st to finish and we set the mark for the SC 50’s by breaking the record.  That’s called a broom sweep.  The rumors at the Kaneohe Yacht Club, a gorgeous Hawaiian Yacht Club, is that their commodore is going to present us with the broom for the clean sweep!

I am so proud and I can’t say enough about our crew!  It seems that I always say that it can’t get any better but some how we raise the bar!!  Yes I’m gloating a little and guess what you’re right!  Everyone has their dreams and vision! I can’t express how I feel at this moment and how I am truly blessed!  Thanks Ei!  OK enough of that!

Yesterday was once again was a nail biter as we approached the finish.  We knew we had a lead but we weren’t sure if the wind Gods would be kind to us and if Horizon could continue to be the jewel of the fleet.  As it turned out we had spectacular weather.  Sunny, winds averaging 16 knots and the seas were relatively calm.  Our stomachs were tied up in knots because we knew that the competition was very tough and at any time the winds can change.

As it turned out we finished just after 1:00 am PST and thankfully the bar was still open when we got to our dock at KYC!  When we arrived there were 40-50 people that wanted to welcome us and congratulate us on our win.. A few of then actually flew in from the neighboring islands to welcome us and have a few Mai Tais.  After many Mai Tais and numerous high fives we all literally passed out!

Right know it’s just after 8am PST.  We’re up with Bloody Mary’s in hand celebrating our accomplishment.  Horizon is docked at a beautiful bay on the East side of Oahu that is right out of a Hemmingway novel.  Beautiful!  A little slice of heaven.

We’ll be here for another week.  Trophies are next Friday and our entire crew, spouses and best friends are here.  What more can I say but thanks to everyone involved in making this happen!

I hope you enjoyed the ride!

Aloha from the crew of Horizon!!!!!!

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