July 17, 2010

Hello from the crew of Horizon!

We are so excited we can’t sleep anymore!  As of this E-mail we still have 90 miles to go and we should finish by 1:30 pm PST.  This morning’s role call had us 1st in Class, 1st in Fleet, 1st to Finish and possibly we can break the SC 50 class record for the Pacific Cup Race which was set back in 1998 by Rollercoaster @ 8 days 15 hours 21 minutes and 5 seconds.  There might even be a few more that we are not sure of!!  WOW!  This is huge and as soon as we cross the finish line and confirm the win we will!

Currently the weather is once again the sunny, hot and muggy trade winds that you would expect off of Hawaii.  The winds are between 13-20 knots and our speeds are averaging 10 -16.  The swells are only 2-4 feet so our surfing is minimal.  The sailing is beautiful and in comparison of what we experience over the last 7 days pretty mellow!

Currently we are flying our #2 Spinnaker and are on Port Tack.  We actually might lay the finish line with out jibing.  That would mean that hippie called the lay line over three days out!  Absolutely crazy!

Last night we had Tom’s Beef Stroganoff and this evening we will be having Eileen’s Fritata.  Once again the food has been 5 star and we are very happy spoiled campers!

Yesterday evening we had millions of stars show us the way.  There was one small squall but tonight it looks like it is shaping up to be squall city.  They are real nasty.  Their nick name is “Scappers” because they are usually cloud formations that are very low to the water that have formed during the hot humid afternoon.  Once it starts to cool down they actually become severe storm cells with winds averaging 25-35 knots.  In addition to the wind they bring blinding rain.  They can last 10 -30 minutes and all I can say is hold on when you are in one because it is truly a puckering experience.  Once again you are driving in a black hole with no visibility at very high speeds exceeding 20 knots.  We are hoping to by pass it all and finish before the squalls become real active.

The garbage report is much better today.  Thank God.  Maybe if some of this junk wound up on the Hawaiian Island beaches someone would do something about it.

OK off my soap box and off to racing to a win.

Looking forward to sending our last report after we finish the race.  Go Horizon!!!!!

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