July 16, 2010

Hello from the crew of Horizon!

We just completed day seven and as of this morning’s role call we are still #1 in Class and #1 in fleet!  Yes we are totally stoked and as the miles click off the better are our chances of holding off the bigger and faster boats.  We currently have 333 miles to go and we anticipate finishing some time Saturday mid day.  The winds have backed off a little,12-15, knots and our boat speeds have been averaging 10 knots.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the rest of the fleet is in the same wind.  If they are our chances are very good for a multiple trophy win.  We’ll have a better idea in the morning!  As you can imagine we are very very excited and anxious as hell!

Horizon and her crew are doing great!  Everyone is dong everything possible to squeeze out every knot of boat speed.  We are flying our #2 Spinnaker and I would suspect that we will be flying this sail for the remainder of the race.  We even have a friendly competition between drivers on the mileage covered while driving.  It’s keeping everyone on there toes because no one wants to be the bottom dog!!  So far the times have been pretty even so its working.

The weather is hot, sunny and little muggy!  Big change from the past 6 days!  Horizon is completely dried out and yesterday afternoon we did a little house cleaning so she’ll be presentable when we finish the race.

We have had the normal wear and tear such as chafed spinnaker sheets and a few problems with a couple of blocks!  All good!

Last night we had Eric’s Lasagne, thanks Jennifer, and this evening its Tom’s Beef Stroganoff!  Once again dinner is one of the high lights of the day and I can’t wait!

By the way the garbage in the water has thinned out a little but its still disgusting!  Something needs to be done!

Lastly I just learned that my daughter Danielle just got engaged to a pretty good guy Matt!  Kind of funny that they waited until I was so out of reach so I couldn’t be there for my reaction.  Matt you can have her and good luck!  Just kidding!

We that’s it for know!  My turn at the wheel!  Once again please keep us in your thoughts.  Until Tomorrow Go Horizon!

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One Response to “UPDATE 7”

  1. vicki and ed says:

    Go jack nad crew!!! you must be so excited
    Keep safe and congrats on the engagement of Danielle ( now she wont be a spinster)
    Love ed and vicki

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