July 15, 2010

Hello from the crew of Horizon!

To say the least we are getting very excited.  Today we were once again 1st in class and 1st in fleet!  That in itself is a major accomplishment.  In addition we might be the 1st boat to finish for a clean sweep.  In order to do this we will need to pass all the remaining boats that are a head of us as well as hold off the faster boats that started behind us.  As of this afternoon we have 570 miles to go and the next 48 hours will tell the tale.  If you want to see more details on our track please go to the web site and check it out.

Last night was the typical trade wind race.  Even though it was still dark as hell it was manageable.  The winds were a little shifty and averaged in the mid to upper teens with gusts in the lower 20’s.  The key to last night was the sea state.  Pretty sable and predictable.  Normal conditions and everyone had a great time driving.

Horizon is steaming to the finish.  I’m very happy with her performance and coupled with all the other carnage on the race course her prep once again has paid off in a big way.  It’s nice to know and be confident that under the most severe conditions we can hold it together as long as we don’t do anything foolish.

Speaking of foolish we as a society should be ashamed as to how we are treating our ocean.  This is my 5th crossing to Hawaii and I can honestly say the most embarrassing as far as all the garbage that we have had to duck and probably hit during the middle of the night.  Trash such as plastic buckets, coolers, cups, rope and just about anything that won’t disintegrate over time is swirling around in our waters.  On the average we are passing foreign objects multiple times per hour.  Not only are they dangerous and can damage our boat it’s just awful to see what we are doing to our oceans.  We need to wake up!

Today our weather is the typical tropics.  Sunny, hot and finally after six days we are drying out.  Our hatches are open and Horizon is starting to air out.  Thank God!

Last night we had Jambalaya not Lasagne.  My mistake.  It was great Peter did a super job and this evening we’ll  be having the Lasagne.

Currently we are under our 2A Spinnaker and are averaging 10 knotts per hour.  Not fast but quick enough to do the job.  Hopefully we’ll have another great evening and have a another great report tomorrow.

That’s it for know.  Pretty anxious that we can hold our position.  Until tomorrow go Horizon!

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4 Responses to “UPDATE 6”

  1. Holly Sweet Davis says:

    Dang you guys are good!! Sail Fast!! Cheering you on in Oside!

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