July 14, 2010

Hello from the crew of Horizon!

We once again found our selves 1st in Class and 1st in Fleet.  As of this E-mail we have approximately 800 miles to go to the finish.  Everyone is as happy as hell but once gain we have a lot of race course to cover!

Yesterday I mentioned how challenging Sunday night was.  Last night was relatively calm as compared to Sunday.  Difference being force 3 Hurricane versus force 5.  Still a total black hole at night!  Winds were a little lighter averaging in the mid teens to low 20’s and our boat speeds were in the low the mid teens.  Still surfing in the low 20’s.  We carried our 4A spinnaker all evening and early this afternoon we changed over to our 2A Spinnaker.  The 2A is for lighter breeze that ranges in the mid to low 20,s.  The 4A is your aggressive heavy wind Spinnaker that can take up to 30 knotts and then it’s our 6A or our Oh My God Spinnaker!  Obviously we keep that one hidden away!

I mentioned that this was a very aggressive yacht race that requires considerable skill, crew work and a well prepared boat.  I’m saying this because there has been considerable carnage over the last two days.  There are 54 boats on the course and in addition to five boats dropping out because of various issues other than a broken boat we have an additional six boats that have more serious problems.  They range from broken rudders to broken back stays, booms, broken head stays and serious rudder bearing malfunctions.  While none of these boats are totally disabled its a serious matter of them trying to make port.  Issues such as provisions especially water can really wear heavy on the most experienced crew.  Once again this is serious sport and lives can be in the balance if a boat is not properly prepared and the crew is not capable of handling the challenges of Mother Nature.

Horizon is very fortunate to have a great crew and a very well prepared boat thanks to Hip!

OK!  Now for the fun stuff.  Yes we are having a blast and everyone is getting along extremely well.  Lots of joking around, story telling and just great conversation among 8 guys that have sworn to keep all our conversations between the life lines and never to leave Horizon.

Last night we had Ei’s Ziti, a real hit, and this evening we are having Lasagne.  Should be great!

We also held our half way party in which Jason was our Master of Ceremonies!  He did a great job.  Hula Skirt, Coconut Bras, Leis and Funky Sun Glasses.  We even had a few very week Jello shots.  We have pictures and this we’ll share on our web once we can get them posted.

Currently we are screaming to the finish uNder our 2A Spinnaker and we’re screaming towards the finish!

Got to go and race!  keep us in your thoughts and Go Horizon!!!!!!

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  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Go Horizon.

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