July 13, 2010

Hello from the crew of Horizon!

This morning brought great news!  We were once again 1st in class and 1st in fleet!  Even more important was the distance we put on our class and fleet!

It all boiled down to last night and having the nerve to fly our 4a in extremely challenging conditions.  The wind was howling in the mid to upper 20’s, it was pitch black, our boat speeds were constantly in the low 20’s and the slightest mistake by the helmsman and trimmers put Horizon in crash mode.  We had a number of round ups and the anxiety level was through the roof.  If you weren’t nervous then it was time to seek help because it was down right scary!  We made it through without anyone hurting themselves and Horizon just did her thing!

Little Hip (Eric) has the current speed record.  It’s 24.4 knotts or over 28 mph.  That’s blistering!

Once again everyone is having a blast!  One of my goals was to make sure that every crew member had a chance to break 20 knotts of boat speed while driving.  Everyone has and for some it’s their personal best!

The weather is still cool but it has started to warm up and I’m actually in a pair of shorts.  Still very cloudy with intermittent sun.  Maybe tomorrow will bring the traditional tropics that we have been waiting for.  Horizon is still soaked.  We have so much humidity on board that we actually need an on board meteorologist to predict the boats weather.  There is so much humidity inside Horizon that it is actually raining inside the boat!

We are currently half way to Hawaii.  The winds are starting to increase again.  We just saw 26 knotts and out boat speeds are hitting 20’s.  Another thrill ride this evening.  OH BOY!  We usually have our half way part to mark the vent but because of the winds and challenging sailing conditions we’re having it tomorrow.  You’ll get the full report in tomorrow’s E-mail.  It should be good.

This evening we are having Eileen’s baked Ziti, Garlic Bread and Salad.  A definite crew favorite.  Thanks Ei!

That’s it for now.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us through our website.  Until then Go Horizon!

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