July 13, 2010

Hello from the crew of Horizon!

We just finished day three and as of this mornings roll call we were 1st in Class and 1st in fleet.  We are cautiously optimistic because as of this E-mail we have 1350 miles to go.  A lot can happen.  In addition we have a very fast boat named Condor in our class.  She is flying as well.  She owes us a pile of time and at this point we have her on corrected time.

The big boys started Saturday.  They spotted us two days.  We would love to hold them off and beat them to the finish line.  Once again a lot of race course to go!

Our strategy of going the Great Circle route is paying off.  We ran with a reefed main, the #2 Jib Top and a Stay Sail all last night.  Our speeds were in the teens and a few us us touched 20 knotts plus.  I had the record of 20.8 knotts until Hip broke it this afternoon.  The new record is 22.8 knotts or just over 26 miles per hour!  Our goal is to break that as well.

This morning we shook out the reef in the main and this afternoon we were finally able to fly our spinnakers.  Currently we are on our 4A Spinnaker and the wind speeds are in the high teens to low 20’s.  We are very fast and were hoping to really put a hurt on the rest of the fleet!

Weather has been miserable!  We had some sun yesterday afternoon and then the fog rolled in.  We have had over cast skies all day and while the fog lifted its still wet, cold and foulee time!  The good news is that it’s a little warmer but everything is wet.  Inside and out!

Last night we had Robert’s Pot Pie and it was excellent.  Tonight is John ‘s Chicken Enchiladas and I’m sure it will be a hit!

Crew work has been super and once again were having a ball!

Tomorrow’s role call will be interesting.  Until then Go Horizon!

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